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✨ Grateful for our Incredible Journey with Kansas City’s Most Talented Design and Construction Teams ✨

Today, we find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude as we reflect upon our journey working alongside the most talented design and construction teams in beautiful Kansas City. As a painting company,  we have had the privilege of collaborating with an exceptional group of individuals who have inspired and challenged us to grow both personally and professionally. It is a must to express our heartfelt appreciation for this incredible experience.

First and foremost, we are grateful for the remarkable designer Maureen Lindstrom of ML Designs who entrusted our team with her creative visions. Working hand in hand with the ML Designs team, we witnessed their unwavering passion, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence.


Equally deserving of our gratitude is the extraordinary construction team Hurst Build we have had the privilege of collaborating with. Ian’s dedication, skill, and meticulous craftsmanship never cease to amaze. From the moment we entered the construction site, we were greeted with a sense of camaraderie and a shared commitment to deliver the highest quality work. Hurst Builds seamless coordination, tireless effort, and unwavering professionalism have been the backbone of our collective success.


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